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His Excellency, Governor Jack N. Ranguma

His Excellency Jack Ranguma

Today, we have just concluded a brief, yet momentous ceremony - the signing of Performance Contracts by Executive Committee members, the first of its kind in the history of our County. Our objectives are clear; the executive under my leadership is determined to ensure enhanced performance, transparency and accountability in governance. Performance Contracting is geared towards improving performance and delivering quality and timely services to the people, improving productivity and instilling a greater sense of accountability for effective service delivery. The performance contract that has been signed by each Executive Committee member today is part of the process aimed at ensuring that we deliver on our mandate to the people of Kisumu County. Already, we have spelt out the goals in the County Integrated Development plan in the form of pillars of development for sustained growth. These are: Agriculture and Food Security; Industrialization and Enterprise development; Tourism; Technology; Sports and Talent Development; Health and Education.

The pillars are anchored on sound infrastructure development and prudent financial management. The people of Kisumu expect the County Government to be more proactive and effective in its actions. They expect to be provided with the basic necessities of life to function more effectively in a competitive environment. Since our assumption of office I4st year we have strived to ensure improved quality service delivery in all they key areas identified for putting our County on a solid path of development. The process leading to today's agreement has been thorough, with each Executive Committee member and his/her Chief Officer and Directors involved in identifying the key benefits to be delivered to the people - the outcomes and the tangible project that need to be put in place by their respective departments to bring about those benefits.

It involved determining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the various targets for 2014-2015 financial year. I wish to thank UNDP for supporting this initiative by way training and capacity building during the development of the contracts and hope that our partnership will continue to grow. The process has also exposed the Executive Committee Members to the critical need for clear understanding of the mandate of their respective departments, strategic and operational planning and the need to focus on results delivery, rather than on inputs, activities and processes, for development to be of relevance and benefit to the people.

The importance of a monitoring and evaluation system to track performance must now also be clear to all involved. I expect the process to be reproduced throughout the County structures, with the Executive Committee Members signing similar agreements with their Chief Officers. This should be cascaded and translated into individual staff performance evaluation process. I expect the process will serve as an instrument towards the realization of the objectives of Kisumu County Government and our commitment to the people of Kisumu. It is my earnest expectation that this process will strengthen the link between planning and budgetary allocations to departments. Since this year's budget is programme-based, it will tie allocation to capacity to deliver on the agreed mandates based on clear, concrete and objective results for the people of Kisumu County. I therefore charge all departments to develop clear, detailed and documented strategic and operational plans to guide their implementation. You should also strengthen your Monitoring and Evaluation units to support the implementation of the plans, tracking of results and reporting performance on the agreed indicators. The people of Kisumu expect a better deal from County Government and that is what we are here to offer. Each and every one of you must see that as your primary goal.

Thank you and God bless.