File Name:
LPG Retail Sites Application Form rev.1.pdf
2017-02-18 18:12:58

Licence Conditions:-
1.    Filled LPG cylinders shall only be sourced from wholesalers licensed by the Energy Regulatory Commission.
2.    Records of all LPG cylinders purchased shall be maintained and availed for inspection (keep purchase records for at least 2 years).
3.    All LPG cylinders stocked by the retail site shall be within the revalidation period of 8 years as stipulated in the Kenya Standard.
4.    Empty and full LPG cylinders shall be stored outside in an open cage in a well ventilated area. (Storage of LPG cylinders for sale within residential building or mixed use building is prohibited.)
5.    Warnings signs (no smoking, no lighters, highly flammable) shall be mounted on the cylinder storage cage.
6.    The cylinder storage shall be accessible to fire brigade and other emergency services.
7.    The cylinder storage shall not be kept near or block entry and emergency exits to avoid interference with emergency evacuation
8.    The cylinder storage shall be kept free of long grass, dirty clothes, combustible materials, damp surfaces and away from drainages; and
9.    The retail site shall undertake fire and safety training for its staff and conduct regular fire drills at least once annually.
10.    The licensee shall only offer for sale standard LPG cylinders i.e. one, three, six and thirteen kilograms and brands listed on LPG exchange pool.
11.    The licensee shall allow for inspection of their premises including records by the Energy Regulatory Commission or its appointed agents;
12.    The  licensee shall notify the Energy Regulatory Commission in writing of any accident or incident at its premises causing loss of life, personal injury, damage to property, damage to the environment, explosion, spill, fire or other incident or  accident immediately and in any case not more than 48  hours after the occurrence of such an accident or incident; and
13.    The retail site operator shall recognize for exchange empty cylinders belonging to other cylinder brand owners who are LPG Cylinder Exchange Pool members.

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