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Petroleum Retail Products Application Forms rev.1.pdf
2017-02-18 18:14:54

Licence Conditions:-
1.    Petroleum Products shall only be sourced from wholesalers licensed by the Energy Regulatory Commission;
2.    The petroleum products being offered for sale at the station shall meet the specifications stipulated in the Kenya Standard;
3.    The station shall not offer for sale petroleum products meant for export;
4.    The station shall not offer for sale adulterated petroleum products;
5.    Dispensing pumps at the station shall have valid calibration status at all times as stipulated by the Department of Weights and measures;
6.    The station shall not sell petroleum products at a price more than the recommended maximum pump price published by Energy Regulatory Commission.
7.    Warnings signs (no smoking, no lighters, highly flammable) shall be mounted at the station;
8.    The station shall be accessible to fire brigade and other emergency services;
9.    The station shall at all times have adequate firefighting equipment which shall include and not limited to properly serviced fire extinguishers, firefighting water (not less than 10,000litres);
10.    The station shall at all times maintain a well serviced oil water separator;
11.    The licensee shall allow for inspection of their premises including records by the Energy Regulatory Commission or its appointed agents;
12.    The station should have a spill contingency mechanism such as sand buckets at the forecourt; and
13.    The retail site shall undertake fire and safety training for its staff and conduct regular fire drills at least once annually.
14.    The station shall ensure that all employees wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment at all times
15.    The Station shall clearly display prices charged at the station
16.    The station must have emergency response plan and train its employees on the same
17.    The station shall ensure that all its employees undergo annual medical examination in line with the provisions of OSHA, 2007.
18.    The  licensee shall notify the Energy Regulatory Commission in writing of any accident or incident at its premises causing loss of life, personal injury, damage to property, damage to the environment, explosion, spill, fire or other incident or  accident immediately and in any case not more than 48  hours after the occurrence of such an accident or incident.



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