Office of The Governor and County Administration



A peaceful and prosperous County where all citizens enjoy a high- quality life and a sense of belonging.


To provide strategic leadership, policy direction and set the agenda for achieving socio-economic and political development in Kisumu County.

The Office of the Governor

The Governor provides leadership, in both formulation and implementation of short-term and medium-term goals of the government as a whole, while addressing emergent issues in the course of implementation of government programmes.

He is supported in this role by the Deputy Governor, the Chief of Staff and a team of advisors in his office. The technical capacity of the Office of the Governor is further supported by the Chief Officers for Public Information and Communication.

In addition, there are established structures for public consultations within the Governance and Administration Unit, which support a bottom-up system of interest aggregation for responsive service delivery. Key among these structures are the Village Councils that drive the Governor’s public engagement agenda at the village level



The Office of the Governor’s strategic interventions are guided by H.E. The Governor’s ten-point.

Agenda in his Manifesto:

  • Revitalize agriculture for food security and agribusiness;
  • Ensure a healthy population living in a clean environment;
  • Build modern physical infrastructure;
  • Promote skills development and innovation;
  • Conserve the environment while opening the Kisumu lakefront for business;
  • Provide decent housing in inclusive towns, semi-urban centres and villages;
  • Promote sports, culture and the arts;
  • Promote industrialization and a vibrant service sector, supported by sustainable energy sources and information and communication technologies;
  • Promote tourism driven by culture and heritage as well as new products;
  • Deepen the structures of devolved governance and strengthen revenue generation and accountability in use of public funds.


Directorates under Governance and Administration and their Strategic Objectives

  1. Governance and Administration

 To provide quality leadership interpretation, co-ordination and implementation of policies and functions in liaison with technical departments.

Director Governance & Administration Leonard Kwama

  1. Special Delivery Unit (SDU)

Monitor and evaluate service delivery for improved efficiency and effective services for county residents.

  1. Special Programmes Directorate 

Provide leadership in the development of risk reduction measures and disaster management, gender mainstreaming, youth empowerment for sustainable development in the County.

  1. Public Information and Communication

Provide strong and effective leadership and management of Governor’s press service

  1. Directorate of Protocol

Organize and Coordinate official protocol matters and ceremonial events in the County

  1. Directorate of Inspectorate

Provide leadership in the maintenance of law and order within the jurisdiction of the County Government.

  1. Directorate of Human Resource Management

 Attract, retain and maintain high quality staff within the County establishment through application of principles of management.

  1. Directorate Political Affairs and Lake front development

Provision of general direction and coordination of the County’s activities related to political analysis, strategy, outreach and reporting. It also coordinates Lake front development.

  1. County Law Office

Provide principal legal advice to the county executive committee

  1. Investment and Resource Mobilization

To Coordinate, Manage and provide leadership in government investments and mobilize resources through public private partnerships.