A leading agency in the provision of transport and energy infrastructure, roads construction including and maintenance of public works services


To develop, operate and sustain transport and Energy infrastructure, Roads and Public Works activities that meet the demand and expectations of the citizen

Mandate of the Department
  • Improve accessibility, functionality and quality of roads for connectivity
  • Provide and maintain machinery and equipment for road construction and maintenance.
  • Plan, design, and supervise construction and maintenance of county infrastructure (building, roads and public lighting).
  • Incorporation of green and or sustainable road design and building designs
  • Increase electricity and clean energy access, reduce the cost of energy through diversification and improved use of renewable energy technology and promotion of a 24-hour economy.
  • Provide proper drainage system during road construction for efficient flood water control.
  • Provision of affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
  • Upgrading of Opening, construction and maintenance and rehabilitation of County roads networks, drainage works within the county
  • Design and construction of foot bridges, box culverts and ring culverts for proper drainage control
  • Provision of adequate road construction plant & equipment for road construction and maintenance. Inspection of County light vehicles and heavy plants and advice on repair/ maintenance model. Identify private garage suitable for repairing County government vehicles, plant and equipment. Valuation of vehicle, plant and equipment.
  • Enhanced Supervision of the design and construction of Government Buildings and other Public works structures.
  • Creation of an Auto Mobile workshop to enhance automobile repairs and maintenance.
  • Promotion of efficient public transport

Physical Location: Public Works Offices.
County Executive Committee MemberMr.Salmon Orimba

Chief Officer: Daniel Okia Otieno