To be a leading department in the planning & provision of efficient, sustainable, equitable use of county land resources and provision of adequate housing to the residents of Kisumu County.


To Champion sustainable land management, planned urban and rural development and decent housing for all.

Sector Goal

The sector goal is to ensure coordinated development through efficient, fair, equitable use and sustainable land use management and also promote decent housing for the residents of Kisumu County.

Mandate of the Department

To ensure rational spatial planning for sustainable land use and management that guarantees orderly development of adequate social amenities towards securing adequate housing for socio-economic development.

  • Strengthen physical and land use systems.
  • Establish a multispectral team for development control & compliance.
  • Strengthen urban management systems.
  • Streamline land management and processing.
  • Development of affordable housing.
  • Development of urban infrastructure

Physical Location: Prosperity House, 9th Floor Wing C.
County Executive Committee Member: Mr. Kennedy Hongo
Chief Officer: Mr. Victor Ndereba Kanyaura