I am deeply honoured and humbled by the solemn dignity I have been accorded by the people of Kisumu. I assure you all, that I shall uphold the highest traditions of this exalted position, and will work for the principles that are sacred to our democratic values. I call upon you, the people of Kisumu County, including the people of cosmopolitan Kisumu City - an inclusive city for all the tribes of Kenya and all the nationalities of the world, to rise above the misery that has befallen us, and come together, determined to build this county for a better future for our children and our children's children.

I would like to thank the Lord God almighty, in whom we live and move and have our being. Without Him the world is but an incomprehensible set up. But with Him the fruits of our labour is blessed, our desires and intentions are made purposeful and our lives most rewarding. He was, is and will always be supreme during elections and on ordinary days. It does not matter how many times we try to cheat him, to hide from him and even to try and "hack" him. When all is said and done, he will finally catch up with us when the Truth catches up with us.
Notwithstanding all that, within the first one hundred days we want to do the following urgent things:

  1. Creation of city board and appointment of a city manager.
  2. Relocation of the Kachok dumpsite.
  3. Clear drainage system in the city.
  4. Modernization of Kibuye and Jubilee markets under KUP.
  5. Establish village councils and village administrators.
  6. Present a bill in the Assembly for the establishment of Kisumu county roads maintenance team.
  7. Take a comprehensive census of the traditional health workers (Nyamrerwa) for remuneration and clear terms of service.
  8. Establish Kisumu economic and social council.
  9. Prepare an action plan for the revival of the sugar industries in the county in consultation with the national government.
  10. Initiate the rejuvenation of the rice industry and purchase the JICA tractors.

We would like our government to be a working, productive and goal oriented government; hence our motto TICH TIRE.
With the sloganDetermination is Power; Resoluteness is the Essence of Struggle- (KINDA E TEKO: SINANI E LWENY), I want us to revive the spirit of our forefathers and to surprise everybody with a Kisumu County which is an achiever and not just a dreamer.

I want us to be a county of proud and performing people. I want us to walk with our heads. I want us to produce more than we can consume. We can do it; if we work hard and together.
Let us all put a sign on our doors saying:

THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE; LET'S DO IT. Tuna kaziyakufanya; tuifanye. #TichTire!

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