This sector comprises of the directorates of Medical Services, and the directorate of Public Health and Sanitation.

Sector Vision, Mission and Goal

Vision: A globally competitive county health service that contributes to a healthy and productive population

Mission: To provide a responsive, sustainable, technologically-driven, evidence based and client centered health service

Goal:  To attain equitable, affordable, accessible and quality health care for the people of Kisumu County

Mandate of the Department
  • Develop County Health Policies & Health Systems Strategies.
  • Strengthen Administration, coordination & Stakeholders Management
  • Institutionalize Systematic Health Promotion Services, Quality improvements and Customer Satisfaction
  • Recruit & retain Human Resources for Health
  • Mobilize Healthcare and Health Systems Resources
  • Increase health insurance coverage
  • Leverage on technology and innovations to improve efficiency
  • Operationalize one health and wellness clinic per ward
  •  Strengthened Disease Surveillance and intelligence Systems
  • Strengthen Non –Communicable Disease Management
  • Improve Communicable Disease Management including Vaccinations and Immunizations
  • Increase coverage of improved latrines
  • Strengthen community and Institutional Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services (WASH)
  • Active Management of Medical Wastes and bio risk
  • Improve public food safety
  • Improve Syndemics Management for Malaria, Tuberculosis and Nutrition
  • Improve Reproductive Maternal Neonatal Child and Adolescent (RMNCAH ) Health
  • Strengthen, expand and improve Specialized services at JOOTRH, county hospitals and primary health facilities
  • Establish and operationalize primary care networks in all sub counties
  • To design and implement an urban family health service that provides promotive and preventive health
  • Increase coverage of diagnostic services in sub counties
  • Strengthen and support the health products and technologies management systems


Physical Location: Prosperity House, 7th Floor.
County Executive Committee Member: Dr. Gregory Ganda

Chief Officer: Dr. Joshua Ojwang’ Lusi