Gilchrist Owuor

Name Hon. Gilchrist Owuor

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Chief Officers

 Jonam Rasto Etyang

Name Jonam Rasto Etyang

Profile Ag. Chief Officer Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. Mr. Jonam Rasto Etyang holds a bachelors of Science in Botany-Zoology from the University of Nairobi. He Joined...

Joseph S. Omullo Oganga

Name Joseph S. Omullo Oganga

Profile Ag. Chief Officer Industrialization and Enterprise Development. Mr. Joseph Omullo Oganga is the County Director of Enterprise Development. He is a certified accountant with MBA...



A food secure and prosperous county’



‘An innovative, commercially oriented and modern agriculture in Kisumu County’

Sector Goal:  Commercially oriented sustainable agriculture for food and nutrition security and wealth creation.


Core Functions

  • General Administration and Planning Services
  • Sustainable agriculture Land Use
  • Agricultural productivity and output improvement
  • Enhancement of Agricultural Credit and Inputs Access
  • Market access and Products development



  • To promote Market access, Value addition and agribusiness
  • To enhance food security in the county
  • Attain self-sufficiency in crop, livestock and fish products
  • Create employment through commercialization of production and value addition
  • Generate income for farm families
  • Improve livelihood of the community


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