John Obiero Ogone

Name Dr. John Obiero Ogone

Profile  Hon. Dr. John Obiero Ogone CEC Education, ICT and Human Resources Development

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Chief Officers

Atieno Otieno

Name Atieno Otieno

Profile Ag.Communication,Information & Technology

Rosemary  Atieno  Otieno

Name Rosemary Atieno Otieno

Profile Ag Chief Officer Education,Gender,Culture, Youth,Sports & Social Services,Kisumu County. Roesmary is also the County Director Youth Training. Previously she worked with the Kenya National Bureau of...

Atieno Otieno

Name Atieno Otieno

Profile Ag. Chief Officer Communication,Information and Technology. Atieno Otieno is the County Director Communication. She is a Public Communications and media relations specialist with previous work...


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