Salmon Orimba

Name Hon. Salmon Orimba

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Chief Officers

Maurice O. Owino

Name Maurice O. Owino

Profile Ag. Chief Officer of Water,Environment and Natural Resource. Mr. Maurice Owino is also the County Director Water and Sewarage Services Provision. He holds Msc in...


Mandate of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

The Department of Environment, Water, Irrigation and Natural Resources is a department within the County Executive in the County Government of Kisumu. It is one of the institutions that execute crucial mandates with respect to service delivery within the devolved government and implementation of specific national government policies on natural resources and environmental conservation as provided for in the Constitution

The core businesses of the Department is, formulation, integration, co-ordination, supervision and implementation of policies, plans, programmes, projects and activities relating to protection, conservation as well as management and enhancement of the environment within Kisumu County.

Vision: To have a clean, flourishing and healthy Environment

Mission: Improved Environmental quality through Conservation and protection by stakeholders and environmental and Natural resource departments in Kisumu County

Functions of the department

  • Solid waste management
  • Noise and air pollution control
  • Management and maintenance of county parks
  • Environmental conservation including restoration of degraded lands and rivers
  • Afforestation and tree planting of the County

Highlights of achievements of 2014-2015 Annual Report

  • The number of trees planted was 147,320; this is equivalent to attaining 10% forest cover in 92 hectares (i.e., 1600 trees are required to attain 10% cover in 1 ha). This is stilllow because theCounty has an area of 2009500 hectares(but nevertheless, represents 0.0005% tree cover done by the department disregarding what other departments such as KFS have done)
  • 330 tonsof waste was evacuated from the markets in the sub-counties excluding Kisumu City which generates over 2000 tons per week on average.Fortunately 65% of the waste is organic and can be used for composting among other uses.
  • Fifty- 3-in-1,Litter bins were fabricated and 4 of them distributedin two areas
  • Urban river restoration undertaken in collaboration with other stakeholders, where 31000 assorted tree seedlings and bamboo have been planted along the river Kisat
  • Similarly, same initiative has been started by working to restore River Auji.
  • Monthly clean ups were done in 9 different areas. This is a programme initiated by H.E. the Governor and needs to be done in the entire county.


  • Provide services to the citizens
  • Address the concerns of the citizens
  • The citizens to be active in maintaining cleanliness of their environment including participating in monthly clean ups
  • The 3-in-1 litter bins are to be used to segregate different types of waste that are light e.g, bus tickets, wrappers for sweets, plastic bottles and not all the waste


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