Chief Officers

 Daniel Otieno Okia

Name Daniel Otieno Okia

Profile Ag. Chief Officer Energy, Mining and Climate Change. Eng. Daniel Otieno Okia is the County Director Renewable Energy technologies. He holds Msc. In Agricultural and...



To be the leading institution that supports the Kisumu County in transition to a sustainable energy future and serves as a principal platform for international cooperation,as a center of excellence,a repository of policy,technology,resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy and climate change.


 To promotes the uptake of Green energy technologies and climate change strategies for transition to a low carbon resilient pathway for Kisumu County.

 Our Mandate

To promote,coordinate,mainstream and sustain green energy technologies to adapt and mitigate climate change and reduce vulnerability by use of climate risk information for policy formulation and development planning. This increases diversification of viable energy sources and enterprises for sustainable development within Kisumu County.

Department of Green Energy and Climate Change Kisumu County

The department of Green Energy and Climate Change in Kisumu County was formed to promote, enhance and sustain green economy agenda which comprises of all activities that help reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere-a major component of greenhouse gases enhancing global warming.The department also promotes efficient use of natural resources and energy while enabling economic growth that supports creation of job opportunities and improvement of livelihoods thus alleviating poverty.It is only under this condition that sustainable development can prevail.

Strategic plan

Key strategic areas of interventions that were identified in the County include;

  • Promotion of sustainable and affordable green energy,
  • Increasing vegetation and forest cover and establishment of carbon sinks,
  • Mainstreaming of climate change into CIDP programs and sector plans.
  • Repackaging information on GE&CC for public use among others.

 Core Values

  • Accountability and transparency
  • Equity and equality
  • Teamwork and Professionalism 
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Innovativeness and creativity
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Participatory approach and Social inclusiveness 

The core functions of the department

  1. Formulation of policy guidelines for Green Energy & Climate Change
  2. Coordinate and control implementation of Green Energy and Climate Change interventions
  3. Integrating and mainstreaming of Green Energy and Climate Change interventions into other programs
  4. Enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation
  5. Enhance the uptake of green energy source and technologies
  6. Enhance sourcing and dissemination of climate smart technologies

Currently, the department is carrying out many activities and projects in what is termed as strategic plan towards low carbon and resilient pathway.



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