Johnson Awuor

Name Hon. Johnson Awuor

Profile Minister for Industrialization,Transport and Enterprise Development

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Chief Officers

Lilian Atieno Ogombo

Name Lilian Atieno Ogombo

Profile Chief Officer,Energy & Mining

Seline Bonyo

Name Seline Bonyo

Profile Chief Officer,Industralization and Enterprise Development


Ministry of industrialization, Transport and Enterprise Development is one of the 10 Ministries in the county government of Kisumu

It comprises the following directorates:-

  1. Directorate of Industrialization
  2. Directorate of Enterprise development
  3. Directorate of Transport


To be a dynamic institution that facilitates an expanding globally competitive and innovative industrial, transport and enterprise sector through innovative policies, enabling environment, value added, knowledge base, industrial and commercial hub of Eastern Africa.


The mission of the ministry is to create the environment for business to complete globally through innovative policies, vibrant, technology driven, liberalized and competitive trade and industrial sector that significantly contributes to economic growth and employment creation.


Industrial and Enterprise development policy, Transport (Lake Rail and Road) policy, Quality control; patent policy; industrial and enterprise training and capacity building; attracting domestic and foreign direct investment; promotion of industrial and enterprise research and development, innovation and technology transfer and the development of micro, small and medium range industries and enterprises; co-operative growth and development.


  • Integrity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Gender equity


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