Richard Ogendo

Name Hon. Richard Ogendo

Profile Richard Ogendo, CEC Economic Planning and Development

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Chief Officers

Magret Aumah

Name Magret Aumah

Profile Ag. Chief Officer  Economic Planning and development. Magret Aumah is an economist by proffesion. She holds Masters and a Bachelors dedgree in Economics and Mathematics...




Planning for better quality life and sustainable development for the residents of Kisumu



To provide leadership in economic policy formulation, co-ordination, implementation and tracking of results for sustainable development.



Planning for Sustainable development


Core Values

The department subscribes to and is committed to the following five-core values:

  1. Professional Integrity: all staff shall conduct themselves with utmost integrity and will observe all requirements for ethical and professional conduct.
  2. Commitment to results: The department is committed to Results-Based Management
  3. Participatory Approach: as a co-ordinating department we are committed to participatory planning and economic management.
  4. Customer Orientation: The department is committed to putting the clients first by upholding the philosophy of client-driven and client-focused business management.
  5. Commitment to teamwork: The department is committed to work through cross-status and cross- functional teams

Department’s Role, Mandate and Functions.

The department of Economic Planning and Development plays a key and strategic role in the overall structure of the County government. Its mandate is to facilitate and co-ordinate the county development planning process, provide leadership in County Economic policy management and tracking of results.

The Core Functions include the following:

  • Provision of leadership and co-ordination in preparation of the County Integrated Development Plan
  • The Co-ordination and preparation of the planning components of the Budget Cycle/ Budget making Process.
  • The Co-ordination and provision of leadership in the County Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework.
  • Co-ordination of Sustainable Development Goals policy initiatives.

The Department of Economic Planning and Development has four divisions/ units: Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Statistics and Research and Sustainable Development Goals Unit.

  1. Economic Planning

The division/ unit co-ordinates development planning within the County facilitates and supervise the devolved units planning and budgeting activities; prepares the County Integrated Development Plans, Annual Development Plans and the Fiscal Strategy Papers.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation

The division is newly established and has the responsibility of co-ordinating Monitoring and Evaluation (M& E) aspects of the Development Plans.

  1. Statistics and Research

The division is to provide quality county public policy advice to the County Government and the public generally buy conducting objective research and analysis.

  1. SDG

The division’s role is to build and expand on SDGs by focusing on critical dimension of sustainable development within the wards through promotion of good governance, social justice, and equity as it addresses concerns on vulnerability and exclusions. The domestication and integration of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and its 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets SDGs lies within this unit.


Overview of the department’s performance

  • The County planning has provided a platform for unifying planning, budgeting, financing programmes, implementation and performance review through preparation and production of 5-year Integrated County Development Plans and annual County budgets



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