12.8million has been invested in livestock development program to boost milk production within Kisumu County after the purchase of 80 dairy cattle and 70 dairy goats.

The initiative that began last year with an investment of 13.2M is set to uplift the socio-economic status of women groups across 12 sub counties of which the impact has been felt among 3,000 families with a 20% increase in Milk production.

Speaking during the media press briefing,Governor Jack Ranguma reiterated that the initiative is a strategy to make the County self-reliant in milk production. He cited that the current milk production in Kisumu County is estimated at 27 million litters against 70 million litters demand resulting to a net deficit of 43million litters demand that come from the neighboring Counties.

The Governor said, “the program is expected to contribute to improved food security, increased household incomes and creation of jobs for the youths”. Targeted beneficiaries of the program are small scale subsistence farmers and members of registered groups who have been trained to take up zero grazing and adopt the principle of passing on the calves to members of the group to ensure everyone benefits.

The program has also gone a long way in ensuring that youths from Kisumu East and West sub counties received 50 rabbits and 1,700 day old chicks in support of urban and peri urban agriculture and livestock program.

The County government has promised to allocate more funds for acquisition of breeding stock for distribution in pursuit of improved livestock productivity in the County.

By Mikwa Emily

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