County Government of Kisumu has launched the E- Trade licensing system,a landmark initiative that will boost our revenue collection and ease the process of doing business by enhancing accountability,transparency and efficiency.

The journey to automate the county’s business systems began in October 2015 when, with the support of the World Bank,we launched the e-construction permit system. 
This initiative has revolutionised plan approval process thereby bringing a lot of benefits to the developers and the county as a whole.

To the developers it has improved the speed of permit issuance,reduced cost,increased transparency and enhanced access to information.
To the county,it has increased efficiency,fostered good practice in the industry,improved inspection process,management and resulted to better enforcement of construction laws and regulations.

Recent World bank report on ease of doing business in Kenya, ranked Kisumu as the best County to do business.

Besides promoting an environment that encourages external investment,today,Kisumu is the only county in Kenya where you can get the fastest approval for your building plans.Devoid of bureaucracies,our digital system has reduced the human tendency to delay processes.

The launch of Electronic Trade Licensing System marks another milestone in transforming the way business is conducted in Kisumu.

  • The Electronic Trade Licensing System (formerly known as the Single Business Permit - e-SBP) is an automated web-based system used to process applications for the issuance of trade licenses and the Public Health Certificate to new businesses and their renewal for existing businesses.
  • The business fraternity operating within the City of Kisumu can now be able to access and submit both Trade License and Public Health Certificate application forms through the system from anywhere in the world.
  • The system can be accessed online and the roll-out of the system will begin with the City of Kisumu as the County Government puts in place the necessary infrastructure for its roll-out in the Sub-Counties.
  • The Kisumu Trade License serves to regulate business enterprises operating within the County. All businesses operating from permanent premises, must comply with Trade Licensing requirements.
  • The County Government of Kisumu has worked in collaboration with the World Bank Group to design, develop, test and deploy the online system for Trade Licensing.
  • In order to ensure sustainability of the reform, the collaboration included a component on capacity building of key staff on basic ICT competence and system specific trainings.
  • The overall objective of this system is to encourage business creation, reduce the cost of doing business and attract more private investment in the county.
  • Applicants will save time and money associated with manual applications such as travelling to the County office, long queues
  • Applicants will be able to download the permits at the convenience of their offices, homes or cyber cafes
  • Increased compliance and enforcement of Trade License will improve public health and safety by ensuring that businesses operate in a way that protects and safeguards the environment as well as the wellbeing of the general public.

It is in this regard that the County Government has officially banned manual receipting system for single business permits with immediate effect as we usher in the automated system.

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