The county government of Kisumu has made significant investment in Early Childhood Education (ECDE) and vocational training institutions so as to improve the future well-being of the local children.

In 2013,the most dilapidated structures in all Primary Schools  in the region were ECDE centres.Nearly no public ECDE centre had a trained teacher.Parents were forced to bear the brunt of paying the ECDE teachers.

However,the administration has so far built and equipped 105 model ECDE classrooms.Seven hundred trained ECDE teachers have been deployed throughout the county.The recently  launched free ECDE feeding program  is reducing the burden on parents and attracting more children to the centres.

All the ECDE centres and vocational training institutions  have also been supplied with teaching and  learning materials.

To ensure no bright deserving student is denied the opportunity to achieve full academic potential due to lack of fees,the county government has awarded full  scholarship to nearly 300 bright needy students,who are currently in Form One  most of whom are in national schools.

This initiative is being complemented with a bursary scheme which is supporting needy students in Secondary Schools,Colleges and Universities as well as boda boda operators in driving schools to acquire operating licences.

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