Kisumu county has an annual deficit of 63 million liters of milk,it heavily relies on imports from Nandi,Eldoret and Kericho to meets its demand.

Currently it produces 27 million liters of milk annually,which is way below its demand.

The counties’ department of livestock has made efforts to raise the amount of milk produced within the county by donating dairy cows and goats within its jurisdiction.

In the year 2016,82 in-calfed dairy cows and 70 dairy goats were distributed to farmers in all the 35 wards in Kisumu county.

The animals ashier in breed were purchased from Nandi and Uasin-Gishu.

This year,to upscale and create impact,another 350 dairy cows will be distributed with each ward getting 10 cows,while 70 doper rams,will be distributed to supplement the cows.  

The goats distributed will improve on birth weight to increase chances of survival and has a faster growth rate.


By Lorraine Anyango     

22nd May,2017                                            


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