The  County Government of  Kisumu through the Department of Lands, Physical Planning, Housing & Urban Development intends to purchase lands for various developments, and therefore invites eligible and interested bidders to express their interest in this regard for the following:

Area/LocationLand UseSize(Acres) Approx.Tender Number
Kabonyo/KanyagwalOgenya Evacuation Centre2 AcresCGK/LPPH&UD/EOI/2023-2024/001
South West KisumuOsikonyodho Market Lisuka2 AcresCGK/LPPH&UD/EOI/2023-2024/002
Within 5km radius from Miwani CentreLand Banking15 AcresCGK/LPPH&UD/EOI/2023-2024/003
North KisumuNyahere health centre1.5 AcresCGK/LPPH&UD/EOI/2023-2024/004
North SemeBarkorwa Market2 AcresCGK/LPPH&UD/EOI/2023-2024/005

Interested and eligible bidders are invited to express their interest, indicating the Tender Number they wish to apply for

Interested eligible bidders may download the  Terms of Reference (TOR) referred to in this EOI on the County Website and/or the PPIP portal

Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form (HARD COPY) enclosed in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with the EOI Name and Number to be received on or before 19th September 2023 at 12:00 Noon at Supply Chain Management Office, Prosperity House (Former Nyanza Provincial Headquarters Building) 2nd Floor Wing C and addressed to;


The County Secretary

County Government of Kisumu

P.O Box 2738-40100 Kisumu


EOI will be opened immediately after the deadline date and time in the presence of bidders’ designated representatives who choose to attend. Request for Proposal documents will thereafter be sent to the successful firms with specific Terms of Reference.


Further information/clarification may be obtained from The Office of Director Supply Chain Management, Prosperity House (New Nyanza Regional Headquarters) 2nd  Floor Wing C or through Email during working office hours (between 8 am to 5 pm) during working days.


  1. Please note that eligible bidders can express interest in one or more parcels.
  2. Those expressing their interest in more than one parcel MUST submit their interest in different Envelopes, Clearly marked with The EOI Number and Description.