Public facilities are widely available for people who frequent public spaces e.g., markets, bus stations, parks, sport centers, social halls etc. with an intent that these facilities and the surrounding environ be clean, neat and all-time useful to the public. However, these government facilities are often in an appalling state because of the lack of proper operation, management and maintenance structure. For this reason, it is noteworthy that the County Government of Kisumu has suffered a consistent loss of revenue for many years despite the fact that these facilities have a huge potential to widen on the county’s revenue basket, creating job opportunities to the locals and improving livelihoods.

The County Government of Kisumu interventions have sought to respond to such challenges through a combined effort of both government and private sector engagement. The City of Kisumu has in recent past prioritized on the development and improvement of some of the public facilities to keep pace with the city’s population growth.

The City of Kisumu now seeks to engage competent firms to properly manage, supervise and maintain the following listed facilities to the best standards for the public good. The facilities and its environ will remain clean, neat and useful all the time at non frequently changing affordable rates.

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