NAME OFPROCURING ENTITY: County Government of Kisumu, Department of Trade, Tourism, Industry and Marketing

ASSIGNMENT/CONTRACT TITLE: Planning, Feasibility Evaluation, Social and Environmental Impact Assessment, Infrastructure and Utility Assessment and Value Chain Products Mapping for The Proposed Construction of County Aggregation and Industrial Park


  1. The County Government of Kisumu, Department of Trade, Tourism, Industry and Marketing invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants’’) to indicate their interest in providing the above referenced services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. This involves establishment of an Industrial Park and Aggregation Centers for Agro Industrial functions which services will involve Planning, Feasibility Evaluation, Social and Environmental Impact Assessment, Infrastructure and Utility Assessment and Value Chain Products Mapping. The shortlisting criteria on the required qualifications and the Firm’s experience are;

a) The consulting firm must have relevant experience in Physical and Land use Planning.

b) Demonstration of experience in multifaceted land development with ability to address risks                          and challenges affecting sustainability and feasibility of projects.

c) Demonstration of clear understanding of multilevel planning and Knowledge in last mile                               investment programs and projects.

d) The consulting firms must have the requisite skills and competencies required

for undertaking the assignment.

2. The consulting Firm will be selected in accordance with the Request for Proposal method set out in           the Act and Regulations.

3. Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours [8:00AM to          5:00PM].

Office of Director Supply Chain Management,

County Government of Kisumu

P.O Box 2738-40100 Kisumu.

Prosperity House 2nd Floor Wing C


    4. The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment are attached or referred to in this request for expression of interest and can also be found on the County Website, and/or PPIP portal

5. Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by posted mail or e-mail) on or before 8th September 2023 at 11:00AM.

Office of Director Supply Chain Management,

County Government of Kisumu

P.O Box 2738-40100 Kisumu.

Prosperity House 2nd Floor Wing C


       6. The attention of interested consultants is drawn to the following provisions that will be highlighted in the Request for Proposals to be issued to shortlisted firms.

i) The consultant will be expected to have no conflict of interest with other assignments or its own corporate interests and acting without any consideration for future

ii) The consultant has no personal or business relationship with the Procuring Entity’s senior management or professional

iii) A firm or an individual in the firm has not been sanctioned by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority or are under a suspension or a debarment imposed by any other entity of the Government of Kenya, or any international organization.

iv) Government-owned enterprises or institutions of Kenya Government, officials and civil servants and employees of public institutions not eligible.


Background Information

Kenya Vision 2030 targets transforming the nation into a newly industrializing “middle- income country providing a high-quality life to all its citizens by the year 2030”. The Vision is based on three “pillars”; economic, social and political. The economic pillar aims to improve the prosperity of all Kenyans through an economic development programme, covering all the regions of Kenya, and aiming to achieve an average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 10% per annum beginning in 2012/13. The economic pillar is to be delivered through six priority sectors namely: manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, financial services, wholesale and trade; and business processing outsourcing. The focus on the manufacturing sector is to become the provider of choice for basic manufactured goods in eastern and central Africa, through targeting “niche” products. This will be done through improved efficiency and competitiveness at firm level.

The industrialization policy taps on potentials in counties and aims at stimulating local economic development in counties and urban locations. The bottom-up economic approach leverages on devolution to stimulate local economic developments of which industrial parks have been identified as a means geared towards territorial development. To this end the national government through the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry has allocated Kshs.9.4 billion to roll out county industrial park to promote manufacturing. This is an intergovernmental transfer in form of conditional grant. The county governments are expected to support the project with additional Kshs.4.7 billion with each County government matching the transfers with a contribution of Kshs.250 million.

The national government and the county governments have agreed on intergovernmental cooperation and partnership to establish these facilities in line with the “Bottom Up” transformation agenda and to function as valuable investments and magnets of technology that are essential to driving production. The county governments are required to avail land, identify inherent constraints and provide remedies to make them suitable for the industrial parks and aggregations centres functions. This will require that counties undertake; Planning, Feasibility Evaluation, Social and Environmental Impact Assessment, Infrastructure, Utility and Services Assessment, Value Chain Products Mapping, Capital Investment Plan and provide proof of compliance with conditions for participation in the industrialization strategy implementation.

The proposed development of county industrial parks and aggregation centres is aimed at boosting agriculture production by adding value to farm produce before sale locally and internationally; ensuring that farmers are supported in every possible way to make farming an attractive venture and also boost food security.

To this end the County government requires consultancy services to provide technical backstopping services principally for preparation of detailed master planning with focus on feasibility and sustainability of the industrial park and aggregation centers projects and includes Social and Environmental Impact Assessment, Infrastructure and Utility and Services Assessment, Value Chain Products Mapping, Capital Investment Plan and provide proof of compliance with the conditions of the intergovernmental transfer.


Project’s Objectives

The project’s objective is to prepare framework instruments to support the setting up of well-planned and structured industrial park and aggregation centers by the utilization of the identified parcels of land optimally. The other components of the instrument will involve provisions for the necessary infrastructure and utility services and internalization of sustainability, feasibility and climate change resilience imperatives.


Six sites have been chosen for consideration of establishment of industrial parks (IP) and aggregation centers (AC). The sites are as follows:

  • Kisumu/Sidho West in Muhoroni (IP) Sub County measuring 107 acres,
  • East Seme/Ratta (AC) with approximately 8 hectares area,
  • Kabodho East Nyakach (AC) approximate area 4 hectares,
  • Nyando Border 878 (AC) approximate area 9 hectares,
  • Kisumu West Maseno ATC (AC) approximate area 3.16 hectares
  • Muhoroni (AC) approximate area 2 hectares.

The assignment entails preparation of a comprehensive integrated master plan for industrial park and aggregation centers development including infrastructure and utility services provisions that will enable functional conversion of the sites to industrial park and aggregation centres. The assignment also includes comprehensive social and environmental impact study as well as feasibility evaluation taking into account the inherent risks and challenges including climate change factors and mitigation action plans ensuring sustainability. Further, the assignment includes value chain analysis with refence to    selected five agriculture main value chain products, with focus on core actors, production, sales, marketing and their potential to support agro-processing industrial functions.

The approach and the product of both planning and SEIA must satisfy the provisions of the Physical & Land Use Planning Act (2019), County Government Act 2012 and Urban Areas and Cities Act 2019 and Environmental Management and Coordination Act (2015

The following certified documents must be submitted as part of expression of interest;

  1. Certificate of incorporation/partnership deed/business certificate
  2. Current valid tax compliance certificate
  3. A list of directors as contained in the CR12 or its equivalent
  4. Three referees to ascertain the consultant has undertaken similar business successfully
  5. A statement that the company has not been debarred from participating in Public Procurement
  6. Attach copies of certified audited accounts by a reputable firm for the last two
  7. Valid Business permit



The selection process will be conducted in three stages;

Stage1: Expression of Interest (EOI) received from interested firm and consultants that have submitted all required documentation will be reviewed by the evaluation committee. Shortlisted applicants will be notified accordingly

Stage 2: The Request for Proposal for the assignment will be shared with shortlisted applicants who will be invited to submit a technical and financial proposal.

Stage 3: The technical and financial proposal will be evaluated following the guidelines outlined in the request for proposal.