CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-AManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet 1 at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-BManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet 2 at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-CManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet 3 at Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-DManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet at Jamhuri Park
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-EManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Swimming at Jamhuri Park
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-FManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet at Oile Park
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-GManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga International Stadium
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-HManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet at Moi Stadium
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-IManagement, Operation & MaintenanceRestaurant at Mama Grace Onyango Social Hall
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-JManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet at Uhuru Business Market
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-KSet up, Management, Operation & MaintenanceChildren’s park at Uhuru Business Market
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-LManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet 1 at Kibuye Market
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-MManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet 2 at Kibuye Market
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-NManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet 3 at Kibuye Market
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-OManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet 4 at Kibuye Market
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-PManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet 5 at Kibuye Market
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-QSet up, management, Operation & MaintenanceChildren’s park at Kibuye Market
GK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-RManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet at Taifa Park
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-SManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet at Maendeleo ya Wanawake
CGK/CoK/EOI/2021/2022/003-TManagement, Operation & MaintenancePublic Toilet at Nyamasaria Bus Park


Eoi No CGK/COK/EOI/2022/2023/10

County Government of Kisumu
City of Kisumu

Public facilities are widely available for people who frequent the public spaces e.g. markets, bus stations, parks, sport centres, social halls etc. with an intent that these facilities and the surrounding environ be clean, neat and all time useful to the public. However, these government facilities are often in an appalling state because of the lack of proper operation, management and maintenance structure. For this reason, it is noteworthy that the County Government of Kisumu has suffered a consistent loss of revenue for many years despite the fact that these facilities have a huge potential to widen on the county’s revenue basket, creating job opportunities to the locals and improving livelihoods.

The County Government of Kisumu interventions have sought to respond to such challenges through a combined effort of both government and private sector engagement. The City of Kisumu has in recent past prioritized on the development and improvement of some of the public facilities to keep pace with the city’s population growth.
The City of Kisumu now seeks to engage competent firms to properly manage, supervise and maintain the following listed facilities to the best standards for the public good. The facilities and its environ will remain clean, neat and useful all the time at non frequently changing affordable rates.

The County Government of Kisumu, City of Kisumu invites EOI (EXPRESION OF INTREREST) from qualified willing firms to properly operate, manage, supervise and maintain the listed facilities to the best standards for the public good. The facility and its environ will remain clean, neat and useful all the time at none frequently changing affordable rates.
The minimum required qualifications and experience of the firm are: –
1. Provide a submission letter detailing who you are and your willingness to bid. Write clearly the name of tender and the tender number you want bid for. NOTE, each bidder to choose only one tender.
2. Provide registration as a house-keeping, cleaning firm, food handler, children’s playground operator, children’s trainer or equivalent for the last one year.
3. Provide at least two projects of similar nature done as experience in the field of house-keeping, cleaning and sanitation, food handling, children’s playground management in relation to public facilities.

4.The firm be able to use modern technology for revenue collections and for improved service delivery.

5. The service provider must provide copy of registration certificate, valid KRA tax compliance certificate, and trade license, power of attorney, CR12 and recommendation letter from two previous clients.

6. The firm should provide professional body certificate, if any.

7. Provide a well written work plan, work methodology to demonstrate how you will do this assignment.

8. Only holder of Power of attorney to sign the tender submission letter

9. The firm is allowed to bid for ONLY one facility.
10. The bid document may be downloaded from County website (www.kisumu.go.ke).
11. Completed EOI Bids should be deposited in the Tender Box at the City Procurement KUP Offices, and be addressed to:

City Manager
City of Kisumu
P. O. Box 105 – 40100, Kisumu,

So as to be received not later than 12.00 noon EAT on 29th November, 2022
12. Bidders should bind and seal their bids properly, and clearly mark them with: Tender No. and Title. Late tenders will be rejected.
13. Tenders will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who wish to attend on the same day starting immediately after 12.00 East Africa Time at KUP Offices, Tom Mboya Drive Millimani.
14. For any additional information, please contact the City Manager on email:  citymanager@kisumu.go.ke