The County Government of Kisumu would like to invite interested candidates to bid for the following:






These conditions shall include the following:

Statutory and General Requirements

1Certified Copy of CR12 Form - from registrar of companies and their ID’s (for the last 12 months)Limited companies details Must attach.
2Proof 2% of tender security scanned and uploaded along with the bid, and the original physical copy submitted to the procuring entity on or before the 16th December 2020 IFMIS Portal scanned tender security and Original copy submitted
3Certified Copy of Tax Compliance Certificate from KRA.Certified and Valid Until date of opening bids
4Certified Copy of PIN/VAT CertificateLimited companies to provide PIN for the companies and business name, individual PIN
5Certified Copy of National Construction Authority Certificate (NCA 6-NCA 1) for buildings works), Must be accompanied by a valid annual practicing license.Both Certificate and annual Practicing license Must be Valid and subject to Verification
6Single Business PermitMust be Valid, Stamped and signed from any County-Subject to verification
7Bid security. The Bidder shall furnish as part of its bid, a bid security of 2% of the tender sum from a reputable commercial bank and insurance firms approved by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA )ONLYIn original, unconditional bank guarantee or banker’s cheque and in the amount and currency specified
8Physical address and works yardMust attach, Utility bills(water or electricity and lease agreement/title deed
9Certified copy of certificate of incorporation
10Site Visit certificate signed and stamped by the Lead Engineer (will be issued at the site)
11Drawings signed and stamped by the Lead Engineer (will be issued at the site)


Bidding forms and other requirements

12Bid Submission Form/form of bidMust be filled, Signed and stamped
13Power of Attorney. Written confirmation authorizing the signatory of the Bid to commit the Bidder.Letter of Authority. To be certified by a lawyer
14Environmental and Social CommitmentMust be from the bidder. Letter of Commitment
15Safety PolicyA written policy by the company and signed by the director
16Statement of Work MethodsWell written and detailed schedule explaining work programme
17Tender completenessThe schedules, BQ and relevant forms must be filled and stamped


18Conflict of InterestNo conflicts of interests
19Government Owned EntityCompliance with conditions of the Public Procurement ACT

Historical Contract Non-Performance

20History of non-performing contractsNon-performance of a contract did not occur within the last 5 years prior to the deadline for application submission, based on all information on fully settled disputes or litigation. A fully settled dispute or litigation is one that has been resolved in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Mechanism under the respective contract, and where all appeal instances available to the bidder have been exhausted. Forms Must be attached
21Pending LitigationAll pending litigation shall in total not represent more than Thirty percent (30%) of the Bidder’s net worth and shall be treated as resolved against the Bidder. Forms Must be attached
22Signed and stamped form of tender

Interested eligible bidders may download the tender documents and adverts at www.kisumucounty.go.ke , www.ppra.go.ke , www.tenders.go.ke and/or from IFMIS portal at   www.supplier.treasury.go.ke.

Tenders must be accompanied by Tender security of 2% of the quoted amount in the form of a guarantee from a reputable commercial bank or insurance company in Kenya approved by the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority. Sealed Original tender security of 2% should be d to deposited at 2nd-floor Prosperity House (Huduma Center) Department Finance Director Supply Chain Management Office on or before 16th December 2020 12:00 noon on official working hours only.

Pre – site visit will be on 10th December 2020

Tenderers MUST submit online through the IFMIS supplier portal on or before Wednesday, 16th December 2020 by 12:00 noon. Bids will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.