The County Government of Kisumu intends to purchase vacant parcels of land to develop an Early Childhood Development Center (ECD), Markets, Dispensaries, and a rice drying center. In this regard, the County Government of Kisumu hereby invites eligible vendors who wish to sell their parcels of land can submit their offers subject to the following conditions;

Land UseNo.Area (Ward)Conditions (Minimum size)Action
ECD1Manyatta B0.05 Ha
Markets4Railways0.1 Ha
Manyatta B0.1 Ha
West Nyakach0.1 Ha
Nyalenda B0.1 Ha
Dispensaries3Railways0.05 Ha
North West Kisumu0.05 Ha
Nyalenda A0.05 Ha
Rice Drying Centre1Kolwa East0.2 Ha

The above requests MUST be accompanied by the following mandatory requirements;

  • Copy of the title deed, Survey Map, and/or Mutation form.
  • Certified Copy of Owner’s National Identity Card/ Certificate of incorporation and CR-12 Form (if company-owned).
  • Certified copy of current/valid tax compliance certificate issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority.
  • Original current official search certificate.
  • Sequential Serialization of the document.
  • The minimum size for the proposed site must be as per the table above.


NOTE: Certification must be done by a Commissioner of Oaths.


Technical Evaluation:

This shall involve due diligence and confirmation of the following:

  • Due diligence on ownership of the land as per the Preliminary Mandatory Requirements attached.
  • Accessibility from major tarmacked roads.
  • Whether the land is free from any encumbrances, cautions, or caveats.
  • Whether the land is not subject to any litigations or disputes.
  • Confirmation of Land value by Government valuer.

Successful bidders shall be contacted to make a presentation to the County Government of Kisumu.

Your proposals shall be deposited in the Tender Box marked “County Government of Kisumu Tender Box” at the Prosperity House, Ground floor, Awour Otieno Road, Kisumu, Kenya or be addressed to:

The County Secretary,

County Government of Kisumu
P.O. Box 2738 – 40100, Kisumu

So as to be received no later than on 10th December 2020 by 12:00 noon.

The proposal shall be clearly marked: Tender No and Title.

The proposals will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who wish to attend on the same day starting immediately at 12.00 noon (Kenyan time) at the County Government of Kisumu Offices.

A complete set of tender documents may be downloaded free of charge from the County Government of Kisumu website at