Following our advert on the Standard and Nation Newspapers dated 29th September 2022, bidders have raised concerns/enquiries as under;

The schedule of requirements on page 53 of the tender documents have not given the premiums of 3 vehicles i.e., ASHOK LAYLAND 42CG040A, ASHOK LAYLAND 42CG042A and ASHOK LAYLAND 42CG041A

On the same page 53, bidders were advised in (i) to consult the Department of Public Works for further guidance.
You may call or visit Eric Ngage of cellphone number 0722632466 during office working hours.

A bidder requested to be advised on the below requirement that appears on IFMIS portal but is not listed on the tender document (Three-year financial statements certified by the bank 2019,2020 & 2021
Were bidders required to attach audited accounts or bank statements?)

Kindly refer to No.20 in the Mandatory Requirements and adhere to the conditions being; Submission OF CERTIFIED AUDITED ACCOUNTS FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS (2019,2020&2021)