The County Government of Kisumu would like to invite interested candidates to bid for the following:




  1. Attach copy of certificate of incorporation/registration
  2. Attach Copy of KRA pin certificate
  3. Must attach a copy of Valid Tax Compliance
  4. Attach Valid certificate from Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) and Information communication telecommunication Authority (ICTA) certificate
  5. Attach NHIF & NSSF compliance certificates
  6. Audited accounts for the latest three consecutives years (2015, 2016 &2017)
  7. Provide a letter of accreditation by supplier & license to see and support (operate) the system/manufacturers authorization letter.
  8. Confidential business questionnaire fully signed and stamped.
  9. Tender form duly signed and stamped.
  10. Authorization from Software developer for those reselling customized products from Microsoft, Oracle, Tally, Accpac, SAP etc.
  11. Evidence that the company has been registered and operational for at least 5 years
  12. Proof 2% of tender security amount from a commercial bank or insurance company approved by the PPRA valid for 150 days from the date of tender opening. scanned and uploaded along with the bid, and the original physical copy submitted to the procuring entity on or before the 16th December 2020. IFMIS Portal scanned tender security and Original copy submitted .
  13. Attach a current certified bank statement for six months to demonstrate financial ability.
  14. Evidence of physical registered office (attach utility bills/ lease agreement /rental payment receipt/ evidence of ownership of the premises)
  15. Tenderer to provide a declaration under oath that neither the company nor the directors are subject to investigation or litigation on corruption and/or fraudulent practices.


Interested eligible bidders may download the tender documents and adverts at www.kisumucounty.go.ke , www.ppra.go.ke , www.tenders.go.ke and/or from IFMIS portal at   www.supplier.treasury.go.ke.



Tender Bid Security. Tender bids must be accompanied by a Tender security of 2% of the quoted amount in the form of a guarantee from a reputable commercial bank or insurance company in Kenya approved by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority. Proof of tender security shall be scanned and uploaded along with the bid, and the original physical copy shall be submitted to the procuring entity so as to reach on or before 16th December 2020 12:00 noon


Tenderers MUST submit online through the IFMIS supplier portal on or before Wednesday, 16th December, 2020 by 12:00 noon. Bids will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.