TENDER NUMBER: CGK/FIN/CSS/2022-2023/001 NEG 1077848,1

The County Government of Kisumu desires to inform the public of changes on the tender advert published on the County Website www.kisumu.go.ke on Friday 16th September 2022.

Kindly note the following corrections

1. Change on the cover page (PWD and submission deadline Wednesday 28th September 2022)
2. Change on the invitation to tender No. 2 (within the AGPO categories) (No. 6 Site Pre-visit)
3. Changes on Tender Data Sheet ITT 2.2 (November 2022) ITT 27.6 (4 representatives)
ITT 9.1 (request for clarifications to reach the procuring entity not later than Monday 26th September 2022) ITT 24.1 (deadline for tender submission is Wednesday 28th September 2022) ITT 27.1 (Opening shall be on Wednesday 28th September 2022)
4. Changes have been made on Mandatory Requirements (certification of mandatory attachments). The revised Tender document should be downloaded from the County Website www.kisumu.go.ke and PPIP portal www.tenders.go.ke
5. All other requirements remain as indicated in the previous advert.

Click to Here Download Tender Notice Addendum

Click to Here Download Tender Document Provision of Cleaning, Sanitary and Environmental Services