Sector Introduction

The sector is charged with the responsibility of ensuring effective service delivery, corporate governance and stakeholder management in the County Government of Kisumu. The Sector is comprised of the following Sub-Sectors: Decentralized Administrative Units, Human Resource Management, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization, Security and Enforcement, Disaster Management and Emergency Response and Coordination, Transport, Communication and Media Services, Coordination of Public Participation in governance at the local level.

Office of the Governor

The Sector is anchored in the office of the Governor that provides overall leadership and management of affairs of the County. The office of the Governor is responsible for:

  • Providing policy direction in the County Government and ensuring proper governance structures are in place;
  • Ensuring implementation of county and other national legislation, as may be required;
  • Overseeing the decentralization of services to the extent possible;
  • Promoting democratic and accountable exercise of power;

The support services domiciled in the Office of the Governor are units that offer administrative. Services to both the public and all other County departments. These units include Office of the Deputy Governor, Office of the County Secretary, Advisory Services (Legal, Economic, PWDs, Investments, M&E), Service Delivery Unit, Liaison Office, Governor’s Press Unit and Protocol. The units seek to ensure effective and accountable leadership, promote a just, democratic environment & establish strong governance institutions to empower citizens for the achievement of social & political development.

Vision: A leading enabler of accountable, accessible and sustainable quality service delivery in Kisumu County.

Mission: To promote socio-economic transformation through strategic leadership, policy direction, accountable leadership, governance, and quality service delivery to the people of Kisumu County.

Goal:   To provide an enabling environment for effective and efficient service delivery, wealth creation, business growth and job creation to residents of Kisumu County through provision of strategic leadership, policy direction and Agenda setting aimed at achieving social, economic and political development needs

Mandate of the Department
  • To improve access to public services, feedback mechanism and participatory development.
  • Strengthening and enhancement of Human Resource structure, processes and interventions
  • Effective Management and Coordination of Special Program Activities and Disaster Risk Operations
  • To improve legal representation and Administration of standardized legal instruments
  • To enhance access to information and increase County visibility
  • To improve security and enforcement of County by-laws
  • To improve fleet management
  • To improve efficient coordination of protocol support functions
  • To identify investment opportunities and explore partnerships

Physical Location: City Hall Building.
County Executive Committee Member: Ms. Judith Oluoch

Chief Officer: Ms. Benter Achieng Omollo