Sector Composition

The sector is composed of Sports, Culture, Gender and Youth Affairs


To be a Sports, Culture, Gender and Youth Development County.


To promote sustainable development of youth, women and PWD in Kisumu county through effective promotion of sports, culture, gender and youth empowerment.

Sector Goal

Contribute to sustainable development of children, youth, women and persons with disabilities through promotion of youth talents, sports, culture, gender mainstreaming and empowerment.

Mandate of the Department
  • Establishment of sports and talent centers, provision of sports and talent equipment and promotion of Arts and sports talents.
  • Promote and equip Cultural centers
  • Develop heritage sites, recreational and play centres
  • Coordinating the establishment of more GBVRCs in the County and setting of safe houses for GBV victims/Survivors
  • Mentorship, Peer learning and placement programs for teenagers in school and out of school Youths
  • Strengthening SRHR for SIGs, Increase and strengthen access to credit facilities for the SIGs and engaging SIGs in leadership and decision-making skills
  • Training & Mental health Capacity Building for SIGs & creating awareness on devolved opportunities
  • Strengthening the referral pathways and systems
  • Awareness creation & Implementation of Resolution of UNSCR-1325 & 2250, SDGs, African Agenda 2063, Climate change Actions,
  • Grants & Revolving funds targeting special interest groups
  • Establishment and equipping of community information units and empowerment centers
  • Creation of Employment Opportunities for Youths and young Women
  • Promote, encourage, or assist any measures such as education, skills-building, instruction, awareness and advocacy calculated to improve conditions of family life.
  • Establish, facilitate and/or assist temporary places of safety for children in need of care and protection.
  • Mainstream child rights approach in programming.
  • Purposely establish programs prioritizing families and communities to ensure every child stays in a community setting.
  • Improve the standard of living of children and their families by mobilizing and managing resources from income generating activities, donations from individuals, international and civil society organizations, the government, the business sector, and others.
  • Development of Gender Mainstreaming Framework and development action plan
  • Development of Policies and Legislation on Youth, Sports and Culture.
  • Provide policy framework for addressing issues affecting the youth, notably employment creation, health, education, sports and recreation.
  • Promote indigenous Kenyan creative and production talents among the youth.
  • Developing Kisumu county women economic empowerment policy.

Physical Location: Prosperity House, 8th Floor Wing A.
County Executive Committee Member: Ms. Beatrice Odongo
Chief Officer: Timothy Nyakwamba Ajwang’