Sector composition: Consists of trade, tourism, industrialization and cooperatives sub sectors.


A leading and competitive tourism destination, sustainable and innovative business enterprises and industrial development for the benefit of the residents of Kisumu County.


To offer high quality tourism products and services; robust, competitive, sustainable industrialization and sustainable business enterprises development in Kisumu County.


The Mandate of the Department of Trade, Tourism, Industry and Marketing is to coordinate tourism development and promotion of activities and programs that ensure increased tourism visitor numbers, promote development trade, industrialization, enterprise development, cooperatives through policy formulation and implementation, regulation and infrastructural development.

Strategic Objectives

The Department Trade, Tourism, Industry and Marketing Department, County Government of Kisumu has the following strategic objectives.

  1. As a marketing arm of the county, the department strives to enhance attractiveness of the county as a tourist and investment destination
  2. To enable the development of hospitality and accommodation, visitor attractions, conferencing facilities, and development of heritage.
  3. To promote industrialization and a vibrant business service sector.
  4. To promote the growth and development of a viable and sustainable cooperative sector.
  5. To promote development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through innovation, incubation, training and capacity building.
  6. To build entrepreneur and managerial capacity, technical skills that support the growth of the sector.

Departmental Plans

  1. Developing and promoting the attractiveness of the county as a tourist destination to ensure increased visitor numbers and improved revenue while developing and conservation of heritage within the
  2. Developing and marketing Kisumu County as a regional MICE destination of
  3. Improve the business environment and facilitate access to affordable business financing;
  4. Improve consumer confidence from quantity measurements in trade and trade descriptions
  5. Promote development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through innovation, incubation, training and capacity building;
  6. Empower cooperative members economically and socially to enhance value addition of agricultural and livestock produce
  7. License and regulate consumption of alcoholic drink, including rehabilitation of person’s dependent on


Physical Location: Prosperity House, 10th Floor.
County Executive Committee MemberMs. Farida Salim

Chief Officer: Bovince Ochieng’