A climate resilient county with clean and healthy environment supplied with quality water and sanitation


To enhance access to safe and healthy environment with sustainable water supply that is climate resilient through a multi-sectorial approach.


  • Formulate County Water policies.
  • Implementation of County Water policies.
  • Develop and implement Departmental strategic plans.
  • Implement executive resolutions.
  • Overall coordination of water service provisions within the county.
  • Carrying out rehabilitation and refurbishment of existing Water infrastructure.
  • Development of new water infrastructure within the County.
  • Ensuring sustainable and reliable management of already developed water supplies
  • Liaising with Statutory bodies e.g. Water Resources Authority (WRA), Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB) and NEMA on issuance of permits/Licenses for new and existing facilities.
  • Networking with other development partners on the development of Water sector.
  • Forster collaboration with research institutions within and outside the County on issues of Water and Sewerage services.
  • Advise the department on matters relating to environmental management.
  • Formulate plans and policies and set appropriate quality standards (water, air, and noise) for the prevention, control of pollution, and protection of the environment.
  • Ensure effective and efficiency in the management of solid waste within the County of Kisumu.
  • Implement afforestation and urban aesthetics programmes and projects within the County.
  • Exercise direct supervision over the sub-counties in the implementation of plans and programmes. The ministry headquarters discharges both administrative and regulatory functions, viz. issuance of permits, clearances and monitors compliance.
  • Provide secretariat support to County Environment Committee and any other relevant board that shall be created within to facilitate oversight of county/national functions relative to environment under county legislation
  • Develop and implement research and development programmes in support of/or to address:
    • emerging environmental challenges and concerns, e.g. climate change
    • environmental and compliance monitoring, including Impact assessment and audits
    • study of existing and potential environmental problems and issues
  • Promote public information and education to encourage participation of an informed and environmentally responsible and conscious citizenry in environmental quality planning and monitoring
  • Serve as a focal point agency for national and international agreements/commitments
  • Facilitate compliance with environmental and social safeguards across departments.
  • Formulation of policy guidelines for Green Energy & Climate Change.
  • Coordinate and control implementation of Green Energy and Climate Change interventions.
  • Integrating and mainstreaming of Green Energy and Climate Change interventions into other programs.
  • Enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Enhance the uptake of green energy source and technologies.
  • Enhance sourcing and dissemination of climate-smart technologies.
  • Formulation of county Irrigation policy and management.
  • Developing water storage and flood control systems.
  • Management of Irrigation Schemes.
  • Mapping, Designating, and Developing Areas Ideal for Irrigation Schemes.

Physical Location: Prosperity House, 11th Floor.
County Executive Committee Member: Ms. Maryline Agwa

Chief Officer: Francis Asunah Okoth