TENDER NO: CGK/H&S/EOI/2020-2021/003

The county through its partnership with the national government has in place a microwave shredder which is a globally reorganized newer generation medical waste treatment machine currently used as an alternative to the ordinary open burning waste disposal method. The machine is an autoclave shredder type AMB Ecosteryl 250 that can shred 3-8 tons of waste in 8 hours. It treats hospital waste through two main processes: the waste is shredded to less than 30mm size, heated to 100 ̊c and maintained at this temperature for 1hr+/-15 mins to obtain a desired decontamination rate of 6log10 which is assured through microbial test. The incinerated waste can be utilized for brick, cement and block making. The key byproducts from the shredder are plastics and paper.
The department invites interested investors to submit their expression of interest (EOI) for the utilization of the byproducts of this process. The county is willing to allocate land and other incentives to actualize the project.

Interested bidders will be required to submit the following documents as a mandatory criterion:
a) Valid Business registration certificate
b) Valid KRA Tax Compliance certificate
c) Brief proposal which must cover the following areas:

• Company profile that includes; evidence of similar work done, audited accounts for the last 3
years, relevant technical staff with certified CVs and Certificates.
• Proposed implementation plan

This opportunity is open to local firms, you may bid as individual or as a consortium.

The EOI documents should be submitted in an enclosed plain sealed envelope marked with tender reference number addressed to the undersigned and electronic copy sent to kisumucoh@gmail.com :

Prosperity Building (former Nyanza Provincial Headquarters)
2nd Floor
P.O. Box 2738 – 40100 Kisumu

And placed in the Tender box located at Prosperity Building (former Nyanza Provincial Headquarters), Second Floor (Reception Area) so as to be received on or before 29/06/2021 by 12:00 noon.